Wishing Script से अब दोगुनी कमाई करे  | Increase you're earning through wishing the website

Hello and welcome friends in this article will help you to boost your earning through wishing website. This article is very helpful for those who have not approved their website through Adsence, this article can help you to start earning without Adsence and whose website is approved for Adsence they will earn double of the earning. So read this article till the end never miss a single line.

Follow the following steps.

Step No.1:- At first, create a blog in www.blogger.com

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blog create
creat blog

Step No. 2:- Then give a name to your blog and chose any address.

name the blog
give a name to your blog

Step No. 3:- Click on the theme button.

click on the theme button

Step No. 4:- Scroll down the screen.

scroll down the screen

Step No. 5:- Click on Revert to the classic theme.

click on revert to the classic theme.

Step No. 6:- Then Delete all the codes.

delete all the codes

Step No 7:- Then Open this HTML code with notepad++. 

Then Open this Html with notepad++

Step No. 8:- Change this with your website url.

Change this with your website url.

Step No. 9:- Put your Adsense ads code here.

Note:- you will get three places where you have to put your Adsense code in this HTML code.

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Put your AdSense ads code here

Step No. 10:- Then paste all the code in the blogger templet.

paste all the HTML code here

For Double Earning you have to create a Zagl account.

Step 1:- Create an account

Create Zagl account by clicking on sign in with Facebook

Step 2. Copy Your blog URL and paste here and u will get a shorten link copy that link.

copy your shorten link

Step 3. Paste your copied URL here.

paste your copied url here

Now you have done.

Note:- To viral your wishing script you have to share this with WhatsApp groups as much as you can.

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