Tuesday, 17 July 2018

How To Purchase .OOO domain for free | hurry up limited edition

How To Purchase .OOO domain for free | hurry up a limited edition

Hello and welcome friends in this article I will teach you how to buy a .OOO domain for free, so read this read this article till the end.

Follow the following steps to buy the free .OOO Domain.

Step 1. Open www.buy.ooo or click here.

Buy free domain .ooo for free

Step 2. Create an account by clicking in the right side of page.

Create an account

Step 3. Fill up the given forms, the tick mark options are compulsory to fill and at the last fill the captcha and create the account.

Create an account by filling the form

Step 4. Login to your buy .ooo accounts by filling the email id and password.

login to it

Step 5. Search your domain name in the search box.

Search your domain
Step 6. Select your Domain and click to Checkout Option.

Select and checkout

Step 7. Change the duration from 1 month to 12 months and click on "No thanks, proceed to check out".

Select the duration

Step 8. Enter the Coupon code GETOOO (get-tripal-o) then your total amount will show 0.

Enter the coupon code here

Step 9. Then you have to confirm your order.

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Monday, 16 July 2018

How To Edit WhatsApp Shareable Wishing Script Through Mobile and Earn Money

How To Edit WhatsApp Shareable Wishing Script Through Mobile and Earn Money

Hello, and welcome friends, in this article I will show you how to edit the WhatsApp shareable wishing script and use it in your blog to earn money.

Follow the Bellow Steps.

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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Happy Independence Day Viral Scrip For Free Download Now free free free

Happy Independence Day Viral Scrip For Free Download Now

Happy Independence day script
Happy Independence day script

Hello, friends in this Article I will give you an Independence day viral script. So read this article to at the last to set up your script properly.

Where You have to Put Your Ads Code, Size of Ads code.

Step 1. you have to open your HTML code with NOTEPAD++

Step 2. Put your ads code of the given size.

First Adsense ads size:- 468x60 Display Ads

AdSense ads code

Step 3. Scroll down and Put your ads code of the given size.

Second Adsense ads size:- Responsive Ads

AdSense ads code

Step 3. Scroll down and put you 3rd ads code.

Third Adsense ads size:- Link Ads

AdSense ads code

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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Download Happy Independence Day Viral Script for Free Download Now

Happy Independence Day Viral Scrip For Free Download Now

Independence day script
Independence day script

Hello friends in this Artical i will giving you a Independence day viral script. So read this artical to at the last to set up yours script properly.

Where You have to Put Your Ads Code, Size of Ads code.

Step 1. you have to open your HTML code with NOTEPAD++

Step 2. Put your ads code of the given size.

First Adsence ads size :- 468x60 Display ads

Second Adsence ads size:- Responsive ads

adsence ads code

Step 3. Scroll down and put you 3rd ads code.

Third Adsene ads size :- Link ads

adsence ads code

Download Independence day Script

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Sunday, 10 June 2018

How to put ads on my wishing website and get paid | Earning from wishing website | Size of ads

How to put ads on my wishing website and get paid | Size of ads 

Kya aap bhi wishing website dekha hai, kya aap bhi wishing website banana chahate, kya aap bhi iss website se paisa kamana chahate hai to is artical ko pura padhiye acche se.

Earning from wishing website

Friends agar hum baat kare earning ki to aap yaha se kamal ki earning kar sakte hai. 
Friends Wishing website se jo hame CPC milti hai wo 0.01 se 0.10 ke bich me hoti hai or agar hum iska average le 0.05 or apki website me clicks 1000 baar ata hai to apki ki earnign 50$ aram se baan jaigi or to ye wishing website ek event blogging ke andar ata hai jisme aap 1 se 2 din ke andar lakho kama sakte hai. 

1000 clicks = 50$
10000 clicks = 500$
100000 clicks = 5000$

Friends agar apki wishing script viral ho gai to aap aram se lakho kama sakte hai. 
Friends iss wishing website ko viral karne ke liye apko na koi SEO karne ki jarurat hai or na he apko koi tags wagera find karne ki jarurat hai, baas apko ek kaam karna hai, jitna ho sakte utna apko apne wishing script ko whatsapp ke groups me share karna hoga. Apki website mai jitna jayda traffic ayga apka CPC utna he jayda hoga so friends aap yaha se bina koi paise lagai aap kamal ki earning kar sakte hai.

Whatsapp group join karne ke liy Yaha click kare CLICK HERE

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Wishing Script से अब दोगुनी कमाई करे | Increase your earning through wishing website

Wishing Script से अब दोगुनी कमाई करे  | Increase your earning through wishing website

Hello and welcome friends in this article will help you to boost your earning through wishing website. This article is very helpful for those who have not approved their website through adsence, this article can help you to start earning without adsence and whose website is approved for adsence they will earn double of the earning. So read this article till the end never miss a single line.

Follow the following steps.

Step No.1:- At first, create a blog in www.blogger.com

blog create
creat blog

Step No. 2:- Then give a name to your blog and chose any address.

name the blog
give a name to your blog

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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Active 5000+ Whatsapp Group Links 2018 {Join Group Category wise} and learn how to creat whatsapp group

Active  5000+  Whatsapp Group Links 2018 {Join Group Category wise}

whatsapp group
Whatsapp Group Link

How to create your WhatsApp group

If you want to create your own WhatsApp group and don't know How to create one by yourself then do follow the below 7 steps which will guide you how to create WhatsApp group.

Step1. First of all, open your WhatsApp on your phone and click on the 3 dots which are on the top right corner.

Step 2. After clicking on that 3dots, you will get some options.

Step 3. Simply click on "New Group" and in next step, you need to add at least one group member to create a group.

Step 4. Add any of your close friends to the group and click on the green arrow button.

Step 5. Now in this step, you can give the group name and upload the group image.
Step 6. After that, the group is created and now you can remove your friend from the group if you want. 
Step 7. That's it. you have successfully learned how to create a WhatsApp group

If you want to submit your Whatsapp group here than comment down in the comment section I will submit your group URL here.

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Thursday, 31 May 2018

100% How to Download Kimbho App, Features And How to Use Kimbho App in India 2018 | Baba Ramdev Launched Swadeshi Messaging App Kimbho

100% How to Download Kimbho App, Features And How to Use "Kimbho" App in India 2018

Kimbho app
Kimbho App

Version:- 0.95
Updated On:- May 30, 2018
Offered by:- Patanjali Communication
Developer E-mail:- kamal.aditi@gmail.com
Developer Address:- Patanjali Ayurved Limited, Department e-commerce, D-28 industrial area, Near Income tax office, Haridwar, Uttarakhand-249401
Released On:- May, 2018

About Kimbho App

Its 100% FREE, Secure and No Ads.

Why Kimbho?

  • FAST:- Kimbho is super fast, its powered by advance socket technology, ensuring instant real-time messaging.
  • SECURE:- every message is encrypted by AES. Kimbho also supports ghost chatting, auto delete messages. wipe out feature right at your fingertips.
  • PRIVACY:- Block users, leave or block conversation. We save no data on our servers or cloud.
  • SINGLE CLICK TEXTING:- Send your custom messages in one click. Type no more.
  • PERSONALISE:- Make it your own by using themes. pick your favorite wallpaper and get fresh experience every time.
  • SHARE ANYTHING:- say more than just text sends video, photo, doodle, sticker, gif, location, links, contacts and more.

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Baba Ram Dev Launched a Swadeshi Messaging App "Kimbho" | It will give Tough Competition to Whatsapp

Baba Ram Dev Launched a Swadeshi Messaging App "Kimbho" | It will give Tough Competition to Whatsapp

baba ramdev app
Baba Ramdev launched a powerfull swadeshi messaging app 

Youg Guru Ramdev hase been lauched a "swadeshi" App "Kimbho".

Yog Guru Baba Ramdev's company, Patanjali has also take place in the social media sector after launching SIM card in collaboration with BSNL. Patanjali launched a new messaging app on Wednesday, calling for companies like Messaging App Whatsapp to challenge the market, which is being described as  Kimbho.

Kimbho is a Sanskrit word and according to Patanjali Spokesperson SK Tijarawala, it means "How are you? Or What's New?"

According to the news agency ANI, Baba Ramdev has launched the new messaging app Kumbho under the banner of his company Patanjali on Wednesday. Patanjali spokesman Tijarawala has claimed that this messaging app will give a tough fight to WhatsApp.

Patanjali's spokesperson SK Tijarwala tweeted, "India will now speak. Baba Ramdev has launched a new messaging application called Kimbho after launching the SIM card. Now Whatsapp will get a bigger collision. Our own indigenous messaging platform. Download it directly from Google PlayStore. '

Many Android Users are trying to download Kimbho app from play store but they face sudden disappearance.
This App is still available for iPhones and iPad users.

Kimbho Meaning:- It is Sanskrit word Meaning How are you? or Whats's New?
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Wishing Website | Download Eid Mubarak Wishing Script | Online wishing Website

Eid Mubarak Wishing Script

Eid Mubarak wishing script
Eid Mubarak

                  Download Raksha Bandhan 2018 Wishing Script              

Hellow and Welcome Friends in this Article I will show you how to change the Ads code on the Eid wishing Script in Notepad ++.

Follow the following steps.

Step 1. Open the HTML Fil In NotePad ++

Step 2. Change the Adsense Ads Code.

Change Ads Code 1

Change Ads Code 2

Change Ads Code 3

Step 3. And then copy all the HTML Code From Notpad++ and paste it into blogger template.

Paste the Ads Code

Step 4. Finally, your Wishing Script is ready.

wish you happy eid 2018

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Sunday, 20 May 2018

10 New Ways to Get More Instagram Followers in 2018

10 New Ways to Get More Instagram Followers in 2018 



When the app was first introduced, it reaches to 1 million users within 3 months.
Today, that number is closer to 700 million and increasing day by day. This means that the platform is very engaging and useful for users.

Instagram is a basic method to catch and offer the worlds time. Take after your loved ones to perceive what they're doing, and find accounts from everywhere throughout the world that are sharing things you like.
How to grow Instagram followers organically.
Use Of Instagram For:

instagram followers
Instagram app

• We Can Post photos and videos that we want to keep on our profile grid. We can Edit them with filters and creative tools and combine multiple clips into one video.
• We can Share multiple photos and videos (as many as you want!) to our story. They disappear after 24 hours and won't appear on your profile grid or in a feed. 
• We can Go live to connect with our friends and followers right now. When we did, live stories disappear.
• We can Watch stories and live videos from the peoples whom we follow in a bar at the top of our feed.
• Discover stories, photos, and videos we might like and follow new accounts on the Explore tab.

Best Way to build Instagram FollowersThere are some ways to increase instagram followers:-

1. Use the right hashtags

Instagram Hastage

Here are the current top 20 hashtags on Instagram according to Webstagaram
1.   #love (1,271,692,015)
2.   #instagood (742,795,562)
3.   #photooftheday (507,358,504)
4.   #fashion (487,010,088)
5.   #beautiful (463,668,566)
6.   #happy (427,528,663)
7.   #cute (418,686,470)
8.   #like4like (417,887,839)
9.   #tbt (413,049,020)
10.  #followme (392,011,012)
11. #picoftheday (380,504,677)
12.#follow (371,102,705)
13.#me (348,193,980)
14.#art (343,874,151)
15.#selfie (337,204,715)
16.#summer (324,498,110)
17.#instadaily (323,307,593)
18.#repost (309,603,537)
19.#friends (307,567,075)
20.#nature (303,040,276)

2. Use the right filters

Instagram Filter

1.   Normal (No Filter)
2.   Clarendon
3.   Juno
4.   Lark
5.   Ludwig
6.   Gingham
7.   Valencia
8.   X-Pro II
9.   Lo-fi
10.         Amaro

3. Organize your Stories into Highlights

Instagram Highlights

Stories have a 24-hour lifespan, Highlights can be used to give them a second-life and entice others to follow you so they don’t miss out on more Stories in the future.

4. Pay for sponsored posts and product reviews

instagram sponsar

You Can sponsor your posts and product to get reach on people and to sell your products.

5. The big niches of Instagram

There are several popular niches on Instagram. You’d be wise to pick one of these before starting.
1.   Animals
2.   Fitness
3.   Makeup
4.   Modeling
5.   Business
6.   Food/cooking
7.   Clothes

6.  Instagram and Facebook IFTTT

connect instagram and facebook

Create an IFTTT account and connect your Instagram to Facebook. By the help of IFTTT, if you can share any post or picture on Instagram it will automatically send to the facebook page and you can maintain your regularity.


7. Link your Instagram account to your other networks.

Link your Instagram account with other social networks that will help you increase in the number of Instagram followers.
List of Social Network where you have linked are:-

  •    .   YouTube Channel:- If you have Youtube channel then give you an Instagram link to the description of the video.

  •    .   Tweeter

  •    .   Facebook

  •    .   Website

8.  Ask Your Friends to Follow you

If you created a new Instagram account then ask your friends to follow you or in return, you also follow them.

9. Follow For Follow

If you want to get real and organic followers then search the person whose niche is similar to your niche and follow the follower of that person or in return, they will also follow you.
For Example:- If your niche is related to dance and you regularly uploads the posts related to dance then search the dancers in the search box and follow the followers of that person. If you do this then it is sure that most of them will also follow you in return.

10. Be Regular And Engage with Followers

time managment
Time Managment

Always Post Some Interesting post that will engage your followers and be regular. Check your statics engaging time then after post your posts.



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Sunday, 11 March 2018



Vegetables are valuable chiefly because of their mineral and vitamin contents, notably Vitamin A and C. However, most of this vitamin and mineral content is lost in the conventional open pot cooking. It is here that the Hawkins pressure cooker is immensely beneficial- vegetables retain their nutritive elements better when pressure cooked. This is because a minimum of water is used and the cooking process is barely a few minutes. In addition, the vegetables retain their bright natural colors and rich flavors.



 Most vegetables tend to cook very fast in a pressure cooker because of their soft and succulent structure. Hence, follow the timings of the recipes precisely. If you are adapting your own vegetable recipes, it is better to undercook rather than overcook. Overcooking not only ruins the taste but also cannot be reversed. The best way would be to open your cooker one or two minutes before the expected time, check the tenderness of the vegetables, and if not done, bring the cooker to full pressure and cook for a minute or two longer than the expected time.
 This section presents 9 recipes which use both individual Time favorite Masala Gobi to the exotic Navratan Korma.
Remember that you can cook more than one vegetable at a time vegetables as well as multiple vegetables ranging from the all provided the vegetables have the same cooking time. If the timings are slightly different, you may slow down or speed up cooking by either cutting the vegetables thickly or thinly. If you are using vegetables that have already lost moisture, pre-soak them in cold water for a few minutes so that some of the moisture is restored. When cooking vegetables in separators do not use the grid. Place the required amount of water in the cooker body and. approximately double the pressure cooking time. After pressure cooking, release pressure with the slight lifting of vent weight and open cooker immediately. Unless otherwise specified use grid for steaming vegetables. From 0 to 1 minute of pressure cooking time ½  cup water; 2 to 7 minutes use 1 cup water; 8 to 16 minutes use 1 ½ % cups water.

Given below is a list of commonly used vegetables along with pressure cooking times of each as also the maximum quantity of vegetables that can be cooked in various sizes of Pressure Cookers.

Pressure Cooking Time

1. Beetroot - medium, whole (without grid)
16 Minutes
2. Bottle Gourd- cut into 1 cm. thick slices
2  Minutes
3. Brinjal - cut into 1 cm. slices
0 Minutes
4. Cabbage- cut into wedges
3 Minutes
5. Carrots-small, whole or large. And cut into halves
2 Minutes
6.  Cauliflower- flowerettes
2  Minutes
7. Carrots- sliced (foil on the grid)
1 Minutes
8. Cauliflower- whole- stem and leaves removed
3 Minutes
9. Corn on Cob
10 Minutes
10. French beans- ends trimmed
1 Minutes
11. Peas- Shelled and washed (foil on a grid)
2 Minutes
12. potatotes- large, peeled and quartered
5 Minutes
13. Potatoes- medium, peeled and halved
5 Minutes
14. Potatoes- large (150 gms each) (without grid)
15 Minutes
15. Potatoes- medium (120 gms each) (without grid)
10 Minutes
16. Potatoes- small (75 gms each) (without grid)
6 Minutes
17. Spinach- stalks removed
0 Minutes
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10 New Ways to Get More Instagram Followers in 2018

10 New Ways to Get More Instagram Followers in 2018  INSTAGRAM Instagram When the app was first introduced, it reaches to 1 mill...